Our specialization

electric Fencing

We are undoubtedly great experts when it comes to installation of electric fencing. We are always keen on selecting the best item for our clients like choosing stainless steel  over briade wire and aluminium wire which are all part of the installation process.

Smoke Alarm System

The user is assured of safety with this system in place. This system automatically detects smoke or generating fire and as a result alerts the user for necessary action to be taken.

CCTV Monitoring

Monitor your home with enhanced smartphone accessibility. Technology has made life very simple just monitor your home or office from any part of the world all on your smartphone.

Access Control System

Do you really want to regulate or limit access to a particular location,do you want users use a finger print before they can be granted access to a building, then this system is all you need.

Razor Coil

These are bigger coils with sharp blades. There are two types of the installation process which the client would be briefed to decide which one to go in for.

Gate Automation

Experience the luxury of opening your gate without going near it. More and more home home owners are installing automatic gates these days because they offer extra protection and security for their families and are a convenient and affordable option in home security.

We provide the best service in the security industry